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Multi Wheel Roulette games for PC — how to play them online

If you enjoy Roulette and wish to enlarge your chances to win this exciting game, pick Multi Wheel Roulette. This is the same Roulette, but several wheels (usually, 8) are used. It can be played only on the internet — a land-based casino will never offer it.

Multi Wheel Roulette games

Today, games of this type can be found online. However, the most popular legal variants of it are offered by Microgaming and Playtech. If you read any review of popular today Multi Wheel Roulette casino game, you will understand that you can play here with any number of wheels (1-8) .

Any of these PC games is a classic European Roulette variant with1 Zero. Naturally, you have to foresee which of the sections the ball will pick. You can make any number of different bets. For instance, you can bet on a certain section or pick several ones.

To play any of these games you must:

  • Find a trusted casino;
  • Register there;
  • Play the game with a bonus or try Multi Wheel Roulette Demo for free.

All games of this type are popular now: your task is to find your favorite one.

3D Multi Wheel Roulette

Besides, a very popular 3D Roulette by Playtech can be chosen. The reason for its popularity is certainly largely due to the low house advantage for the casino. The RTP here reaches 97.3%. You can place your bets between 0.50 and 500 credits.

So you can get started with a clear conscience and place your inside and outside bets. The advanced players among you will definitely be happy about the call bets and the race track, which can be found under More Bets. In the statistics window, you can follow the last numbers to adjust your tactics if necessary. If you are in a hurry or if you have other things to do, simply switch on the turbo mode or use the Autoplay function.

If we compare the 2D versions of roulette, then optically there are already worlds in between: you feel like you just have to reach out to grab the ball. It’s fun to play there.

You can always enjoy Multi Wheel Roulette free play after registration at a legal internet casino that offers these games.

The game strategy

Multi Wheel Roulette strategy is almost the same that you can use when playing European Roulette. However, when you pick 1 number on all wheels, you risk losing all bets. On the other hand, if this number wins, you will get much more than you would win playing 1-wheel Roulette.

When making bets on the color (black or red), you can win on some wheels and lose on other ones. The luckiest gamblers manage to leave a casino with thousands of dollars on their account.

That is why it is always needed to be very careful and watch your balance.

Multi Wheel Roulette Gold

You can practice this game if you pick Multi Wheel Roulette Gold by Microgaming. It offers a gambler who used all 8 wheels that are located in the upper part of the screen. You can activate all of them or choose 1, 2, 3 wheels (any number). The stake that you make will be multiplied by the number of wheels you have already chosen. Each of them gives its certain payout that depends on the stake.

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