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Video poker Aces and Eights by Habanero

The video poker game Aces and Eights, which is the subject of the following review, was released by Habanero. It is designed for online casinos and is a kind of Jacks or Better. The highlight of the model are special payouts on certain types of combinations Four of a Kind.

Play online Aces and Eights

Aces and Eights uses a regular deck of fifty-two cards without jokers. The virtual dealer shuffles it at the beginning of each hand. Separate decks are allocated for all hands involved. The aim of the game is to collect a poker combination, provided by the rules. In this case, a guaranteed payout.

The player has the opportunity to change one to five cards once. This is done for free. Allowed to play for one or more (up to a hundred) lines. Betting on them is equal: up to five coins per line. In the manufacturer’s demo version, the coins are worth ten cents. The maximum amount at stake depends on the number of hands involved.

In Aces and Eights paid standard poker combinations from a pair of jacks to a royal flush. There are three separate payout odds for the different types of 4 of a Kind. Ace or eights are the most valuable. Note that Royal Flush is paid at an inflated odds when playing five coins.

Aces and Eights video poker

How to play video poker

Let’s consider the gameplay in Aces and Eights step by step to understand in detail all the nuances of the rules. The number of hands is selected when you start the model. Then you have to choose the size of the bet, specifying the coins and their denominations. Then you press the start button and get five cards. You have to choose the ones you want to keep in the game. If you bet on multiple lines, the same cards are duplicated in all hands.

After the exchange, the availability of combinations on all lines is automatically determined. Payouts are calculated by the odds from the table. Then you can take the money or start the game of doubling, where you have to fight with the dealer. You will open one of the cards at random. If it beats the dealer’s card, the payout is doubled. If it beats the dealer’s card, you lose your bet. Draws are possible. It is allowed to play several times in a row. When you pick up your credits, the current round is over.

How to play Aces and Eights? (Interface)

  • Aces and Eights video poker is available in many languages, which will help you quickly understand the buttons on the panel.
  • To select the bet, you need to specify the number of coins and the denomination of the chips. There is a separate button for the maximum amount at stake.
  • You can leave cards in the game by pointing them manually, but there is also an automatic mode.
  • Payout table is dynamic. It displays payouts based on the amount at stake.
  • The menu provides a detailed description of the rules and features, as well as basic sound, speed and screen settings.
  • Run the game in your browser without downloading Aces and Eights to your computer.

Interesting features rules, impressive payouts, user-friendly interface, the availability of basic settings – these are the main advantages of the considered novelty. It must be admitted that it is not the most spectacular, but video pokers traditionally have a simple design.

It should be noted that the return rate is higher than 99%, but remember that it can be achieved only with a competent game on the optimal strategy. Note that the aforementioned differences between Aces and Eights and Jacks or Better require special decisions in some situations.

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