Wheel of fortune

How to play the famous Wheel of Fortune game

Wheel of Fortune game free is a computer or mobile device version of a popular American TV game show that appeared in 1975. Its initial goal was to open the letters ion crossword puzzles and find the right words.

Now, the amount of Wheel of Fortune game versions reaches hundreds. They are played on TV as before, on a computer, and on mobile devices.

The Wheel of Fortune game free version rules

As soon as now, the Wheel of Fortune game free versions number reaches hundreds — they are played on Android, iOS devices, computers — their tasks, goals, and rules vary. However, one thing remains the same: this is the Wheel the player must spin to open any sector randomly. By the way, there is even a Roulette variant of this game that has become a type of classic version of it.

The rules of the game are very simple. In the different fields of the Wheel, the symbols with various profits are to be seen. Some Wheel of Fortune free game versions have a bonus round. Some online casinos offer the Fortune Wheels where the users do not have to pay themselves. Instead, the games are awarded under the bonus program. For example, new customers can often turn to the Wheel of Fortune to greet them.

For existing customer bonus promotions, specific revenue must be earned for the next spin to be released. The Fortune Wheels of a Bonus type usually have a particularly large number of winning fields and only a few or no fields where the player receives no profit. The odds are is different from game to game. In good online casinos, 90 percent of the stakes or even more are distributed as a profit to the players.

Free Wheel of Fortune Gameplay

Almost all Wheel of Fortune game free types have similar rules but Fortune Bingo is something different. The player has to open the sells with a hidden “Bingo” word in it that is the main prize. The other variants have similar rules. So to play, the gambler should:

  • Start the Wheel of Fortune game free version and click on “Play”;
  • Set the bet and click spin;
  • Wait when the Wheel stops to watch the result.

In principle, the whole game is just a big wheel, provided with various symbols. In the free Wheel of Fortune version, a player actually does the same thing as in the real online casino. The player has to hit the wheel with one click and hope it lands in the most-winning segment.

A stopper — it looks like a clock — stops the wheel in a random place. The beauty of the Wheel of Fortune is that a player does not really need to know or learn anything. He needs to go crazy and for a moment in your life, he cannot make decisions.

The Wheel of Fortune for mobile devices

In case, when a player wants to try any Wheel of Fortune game free version (on Android, for example), he has to download the apk file with this game first. After the installation, the game process can be started. The same thing should be done with iOS devices. The game is downloaded from the Apple Store there.

As soon as it is free entertainment, a player can start even before he learns the rules (he does not lose anything). This strategy (the simplest one) helps many people to understand which of the Wheel sectors with a certain prize appears more often than others, and which of them can be a rear “gem”. The Wheel of Fortune game download free full version is available on free gaming software sites.

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