Wheel of fortune

How does any Wheel of Fortune app work?

Gambling has become so popular that its true fans cannot live without it even when they do not gamble for real money. They simply need to have this feeling of the game, the excitement they get waiting for the result.

The Wheel of Fortune app that can be installed for free on iPhone or similar Android apps where the player can make real money bets can give this excitement. The number of games where the Fortune Wheel is involved is great, but they have many similarities.

Rules used in Wheel of Fortune app

It never matters is a player decided to install any Wheel of Fortune app for iOS devices or if he uses the apk file to install it on Android. The game principle remains the same:

  • Using the Wheel of Fortune app, the player spins the wheel depicting sectors with different prizes;
  • The Wheel stops, and the player learns which prize he can get;
  • Depending on the game type, he can take his prize or use it in other games.

Sometimes, the Wheel of Fortune free play app can be a part of another game, but very often, it is a separate game installed on a mobile device.

The Wheel of Fortune advantages

The main Wheel of Fortune slots app advantage is the game principle: no one loses here. The prize can be big or small, but when one spins the wheel, he always gets something. The luckiest spinners can win even a jackpot. Some games with the built-in Wheel have this option. As a rule, mobile apps do not offer huge real prizes, but when it comes to online casinos, they appear.

Another great plus of this game is its simplicity. No skills are needed – just start the wheel rotation and wait for the result. The third plus is the diversity of the games with a Fortune Wheel including casino slots. There is also another game version, the classic WOF, where the players must guess the words.

Cheats and answers

When it comes to the main game version where the words should be guessed, the Wheel of Fortune app cheats and the Wheel of Fortune app Answers site can help any player. Entering the site, the player has to pick a category of WOF (Events, Movie Title, Games, Food and Drink, etc.).

The page with the cheats and prompts will be opened, and the player can guess the hidden word easily.

WOF slots

The WOF slots are also popular in online casinos: the games do not require the installation. The gambler simply needs to be a registered casino user to play the Wheel slots for free or for money. There are several games with this Fortune Wheel that are mentioned as the best ones. Here they are.

  1. Mega Fortune by NetEnt. This is a jackpot game with a Wheel of Fortune as a Bonus symbol. The happiest gamer managed to win 17 million dollars in a bonus game here.
  2. Wheel of Wealth by Microgaming. This is a simple 1-payline slot with Wheel as a Wild.
  3. The Big Wheel by SkrillOnNet. This jackpot game is an amazing combination of a Wheel of Fortune app and Roulette games. The bets must be made here (according to Roulette rules). One can bet on a single number or a group of them.
  4. Zodiac Wheel by EGT. Here, Zodiac Wheel represents the Wild, and, together with Scatter, it lets the player win one of 4 jackpots.

All games that involve the Wheel with the sectors with prizes are a true fun and also a chance to become the luckiest winner of the coolest prize.

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