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How to use online Wheel Spinner for fun

Today, the online Wheel Spinner is a free fun game that is played to get a random answer to the question or guess (get) a letter on the bulletin boards. If the online Wheel of Fortune Spinner can be played for real prizes and money, other ones are available as pure entertainment.

These so-called spinners resemble a Roulette game, but here, not the numbers are involved, but literally everything — names, countries, Tarot cards, dishes, etc. A player simply has to find any of these wheels, use his mouse to click it, and in a couple of seconds get a result. These games also use the popular RNG that is applied in slots.

The online Wheel Spinner essentials

Choosing an roulette online , one can customize his own game with a wheel involved: any name piker (to pick a person), any dish chooser (to pick a dish to cook for tonight), etc. naturally, everything can be made in a form of a Lottery, but the online Spinner Wheel version simplifies the process. Certainly, it resembles the process of fortune-telling.

People spin these wheels, get the results, and if they inform them about something positive, they do believe it. Curious, but statistics show: when a spinner points something that a person does not want to believe in, he takes it as silly fun. When the given answer is exactly the result he was eager to see, he believes in it. Therefore, when customizing any wheel, it will be better to create sectors that add joy and give hope to people: in this case, they feel psychological support.

Types of Wheel Spinners

Probably, the most famous of them are real roulette and a Whirlabout toy known almost for all people, even kids. Modern online Wheel Spinner that can resemble famous Kraze wheels (visually). When it starts rotation, no one knows when it stops beforehand. People can make bets and guess the sector that will win in this round. Thus, free in the beginning entertainment can be transformed into some exciting game of chance.

These spinners are chosen most often:

  • Names online Wheel Spinner;
  • Wheel Decide with options like Sports, Cards, Tools, Comedy, Drinks, etc.;
  • Wheel of Fortune popular game.

The Wheel Decide game helps people to make a decision when arguing. It works like a funny game “Heads and Tails”, but offers more options. If a coin can give 2 variants of the answers (“yes” or “no”, for example), the spinner has many options. Their number depends on the number of sectors, created by the program.

Using Wheel Spinners

The online Wheel Spinner game is safe, not like steering wheel knob called often “suicide knobs”, and it is legal when played for free, not for money. Choosing any Spinner Wheel game online, one can try all the existing variants: this is the best way to kill time when waiting for something or somebody.

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