Wheel of fortune

New Vegas Wheel of Fortune game and slots with the Wheel

When a person hears about the Wheel of Fortune, in almost 95% of cases, his imagination is picturing him a bit rotating circle with prize sectors. Americans, on the other hand, especially, the older generation, refresh in their minds a mega-popular TV show with a similar name.

The sense of the game was to spin a big wheel, get points, and earn them if the task (guessed hidden letter in a crossword) is a success. However, with the appearance of the Fallout: New Vegas Wheel of Fortune, something has changed. New Vegas Wheel of Fortune is a quest, the concept of which is that our fates depend on the rotations and spots of this wheel leading to great luck or misfortune.

New Vegas Wheel of Fortune features

The New Vegas Wheel of Fortune (abbreviation — FNV) is a tough RPG that is developed for 1 player. It is the continuation of the popular Bethesda Softworks game that appeared first in 2010. The storyline tells us about a possible life after Apocalypses and looks a bit gloomy. Guns and weapons are involved always, so, some gamers consider is a shooter as well.

The quest has got several stages that are:

  • Speaking with any person in the post-apocalypse space and get the information about radiation suits that are missing;
  • Looking for these suits in caves and finding them;
  • Go to Logan, the agent, the leader, and bring him suits;
  • Join Logan, the main character in the New Vegas Wheel of Fortune. Go with him to Police and Fire stations.

If a player choosing this RPG, he might hang out playing it for hours: the excitement that he will get from it will be great.

The Wheel of Fortune types

The Wheel of Fortune New Vegas RPG quest has almost nothing common with other Fortune Wheels; probably, only the name is the same. The first game with the Wheel that is bringing luck and awards to a player appeared on TV in the USA. Now, these “wheels” games are so diverse that it is difficult even to group them.

Nevertheless, in a case with online gaming, 2 groups can be formed. The first one contains slots by different companies like NetEnt and IGT (the Wheel should be rotated in a bonus round), and the 2nd one is the games that, like the New Vegas Wheel of Fortune, have nothing common with guessing words and waiting for the Prize sectors. Besides, mobile games, which can be played for free, and even downloaded, are offered for players, who are always on the go, and play not for money but for excitement.

Anyhow, each game of this type lets a player check if he is a really lucky person or whether he has to wait for some time more when the Wheel of Life will point the sector with the biggest prize ever.

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