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Online Roulette: Learn Basics And Make The Game Of Luck Work For You

Online roulette: the phenomenal game

online roulette game

Probably, the most unique game that can be found in the casino is roulette. Its gameplay differs from any other one. It has strict rules and specific gaming attributes that make this game so special and popular. Gamers love this entertainment despite it is a game of pure luck and chance. On the contrary, this makes this wonderful game even more exciting and fun to play. They also created many strategies and other tips for helping themselves increase their chances of succeeding.

When you enter any casino website, roulette will be among the first titles offered to new customers. Many casinos even offer welcoming gifts that can be applied in this game as well. Collecting such a gift can become a good advantage in the beginning of the gaming path.

Another incredible option to enjoy roulette is a live game. This is a type where a real professional works as a dealer in the game and the whole action is broadcasted on video. Participants can communicate with each other and the dealer and all these moments create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Game basics

This game uses two gaming attributes – a table and a wheel. They are located on the screen near each other. The game starts with making bets on the table and then goes to the wheel where the small ball is rotated.

The following basics are important to learn before starting the game:

  • while the table has a special layout for betting, the online roulette wheel is divided in colored sections; most wheels are divided in 36 red and black sections and have a specific quantity of green sections;
  • each section has a particular number and the green one is a zero or double zero;
  • because of the green section, the casino always has its advantage as a house edge from 1.35% to more than 7% in some versions;
  • bets are defined by the places on which participants believe the ball will stop;
  • the rotation of the ball is random and cannot be influenced, while the gamer can try some tips and strategies on his betting.

The game has three major versions that are European with the RTP of 97.30%, American with the RTP of 94.74%, and French with the RTP of 97.30%. The European one is known as the most favorable to players and usually, it is the first choice in casinos.

Tips and strategies to play roulette online

As in any game with a random generator, players dream of finding a method that could bring success. And while there is no strategy that can provide you with a hundred percent result, roulette has some strategies that can frame your gameplay and help you be confident and relax:

  1. the Martingale method says that a successful result will eventually appear and the gamer needs to double a bet every time when he suffers a loss;
  2. the reverse Martingale says that the gamer needs to double a bet in case of a successful roll;
  3. the D’Alembert says that the gamer needs to bet on even money and in case of success, decrease a bet on a coin, while in case of failure, increase a bet on a coin;
  4. the Paroli says that gamer needs to double a bet in case of a successful roll and repeat the sequence if there are 3 successful results in a row.

Tips on having the best time with roulette are the following:

  1. always set a fixed budget and never overcome it;
  2. choose the European style for the best RTP and conditions;
  3. try to start with free online roulette on the wheel simulator in order to learn details and features.

Roulette is a game for the best gambling moments, so play wise and have a great time.

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