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Wheel of Fortune Bingo – game review, basic rules and useful tips

Wheel of Fortune Bingo: how to play the game and popular win strategies

Wheel of Fortune is the oldest format for gambling and television shows. On the basis of it, roulette was created, which can now be found in every online casino. The rules of the game are as simple as possible – a large wheel spins until the arrow stops at one of the sectors. Another popular game on online sites and TV shows is bingo. Players receive cards with combinations, and the dealer shows random symbols alternately. A player who has collected a line of drawn symbols receives a jackpot. But what if you combine these two games into one?

That is how the game of the Wheel of Fortune Bingo was created. The developers took two interesting game mechanics and made one big game out of them. Thus, they were able to satisfy the fans of both games and gain great popularity. The game became available in online casinos, in real casinos, and even a board game for the whole family appeared. Let’s check how to play bingo.

Basic rules and how to play Bingo Wheel Game

The rules of the Wheel of Fortune game are not as simple as in many gambling games. At the beginning of the game, each player gets cards with puzzles and symbols. Your task is to completely fill 3 cards with cubes. After receiving the cards, each player takes turns spinning the wheels. If you play alone, then you or the dealer will spin the wheel. Spinning, the wheel stops on some field with symbols. If your card has such a symbol that the arrow fell on, put a cube on this symbol. Most often, one division has up to 3 different icons.

In addition to numbers and drawn icons, there are bonus objects on the wheel:

  1. Free Letter. If you get to this field, you can place a cube on any symbol on your card. Most often Free Letter is a game changer and leads players to victory.
  2. Hands. If you hit this symbol, you can remove 1 die from the opponent’s card. As you can see, the competitive part is strong in Wheel of Fortune Bingo.
  3. Bankrupt. The most dangerous field. Having received it, you have to remove all cubes from your card.

The icons are slightly different depending on the version of the game. In some versions, there may be bonus fields that allow you to steal an opponent’s cube or spin the wheel again. But the general rules are the same in all casinos and wheel of fortune apps.

Win strategies and useful tips in Bingo Wheel of Fortune

After reading the rules, you might think that winning the Wheel of Fortune Bingo depends only on your luck. This is not true. There are certain strategies and tricks that can increase your chance of winning.

Here are 4 tips to help you win:

  1. Do not play during peak hours. During wheel of fortune free play, the fewer people at the same table, the higher your chance of winning. According to the rules, the casino is obliged to give the full jackpot to the winner, regardless of how many people participated in the game. If you play offline, then look for tables for the minimum number of players. If all the tables are full, then look for games with a lower jackpot. Usually they are less popular.
  2. Buy more cards. Casinos allow the player to buy additional cards with icons. Thus, you will have more possible winning combinations on hand than other players.
  3. Choose cards without duplicate numbers. So you will have more opportunities to completely fill out the card.
  4. If you play online and buy cards, then after the end of the game you have the opportunity to save them. This will save you money in the next game.

Using these rules, you will significantly increase your chance of winning. Good luck!

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