Reviews/input on WellHose DIY Drop Pipe

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  • Tankgirl74
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    • May 2024
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    Reviews/input on WellHose DIY Drop Pipe

    Hey folks,

    I'm just dropping in with another question related to the solar pump we've been using for the last few years. As I mentioned in a previous post, we've had a number of breakdowns and, each time, my client has used a tower to remove the submersible pump, which sits 200 feet below the ground surface in a 350 foot deep well. While we hope to remedy this issue soon by replacing the pump with something better, my client is now considering the purchase of well hose that would theoretically make it a bit easier to pull the pump out in the future. Does anyone out there have any experience using hose vs. using a tower under these conditions? If so, could you share with me whether it was substantially easier to use the hose/about the same/harder than using a tower? Were there any unique pros and cons between these options in your experience?

    Thanks again,