Panels sometimes showing lower production (varies)...

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  • desmo907
    • Mar 2012
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    Panels sometimes showing lower production (varies)...

    I wrote sbout some issues prior....After ~12 years of running my 21 Phono panels with Enphase micros (M215), 2 of the panels (diodes?) went bad and panels were replaced . It seemed that they were producing 2/3 (if i recall) of the others and someone mentioned 3 diodes in the panel and maybe 1 went bad but you just have to replace the panel and not the diodes. Prior though Enphase had replaced the 2 micros (but the issue was the same and later we determined it was the panels).

    About a year later 1 of the replacement micros started showing lower production numbers and after a few weeks it went dead. Then a month later the other replacement micro started doing the same thing... but a few days after that, the original replacement micro (that was first showing low production and death) is back to normal. Very odd.

    Now it is 2024 and a different panel started showing about 2/3 production of the others... there nothing on the panel, wires under it seems ok, etc. This happend 6/16/24-6/19/24 and NOW it seemed to be back to a full production day (as the panel next to it) on 6/20/24. Today (6/21/24) it seems to be back to 2/3 production.

    Just curious what may cause this... could it be diodes again... the Micros all report normal.